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[ Singular Motor-Maneuver Operation Type ]
Horizontal[B3] Type
Excellent Mobile Power
- many years of design and new technology employed through R&D for lower damage and load, and excellent mobile power.

Quiet Operation
- Adequate electrical design and latest production equipment, produced through a higher degree of machining, remarkably reduce noise and vibrations and make quieter operation possible.
[ Singular Motor-Maneuver Operation Type ]
Vertical[B5] Type
Excellent Operation Characteristics
- It is economical with low damage using new technology of high mark stator coil, in comparison with other companies.

Smaller and Lighter Products
- With new cooling method improvement technology, and reasonable structure high mark stator coils, smaller and lighter machines were developed, easier and simpler to assemble, repair, and review.
[ Singular Motor-Maneuver Operation Type ]
C-Face[B14] Type
Higher Reliability
- Low temperature increased for longer life with less possibility of failure ensures an innovative reduction in maintenance costs.

Diverse Machines for Application
- A wide range of Flanges, TEFC, and dust-proof types are available

Rapid production to Customer Requirements on demand